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Cozy neighborhood

Warsaw’s Białołęka district combines a suburban charm with dynamic growth, best exemplified by Apartamenty Ostródzka. Buildings in this investment have been designed in such a way, so as to ideally blend with the cozy neighborhood. Apartamenty Ostródzka will become the perfect place for leisure and relaxation not only for families, but also for singles and the senior citizens. It provides convenient ramps and other facilities for the disabled, as well as for families with small children.










The space you’ve been dreaming of

Large windows, ground floor gardens and balconies are but a few strong suits of Apartamenty Ostródzka. Białołęka district stands out among the other residential areas in Warsaw. This area features low-rise buildings, modern residential and recreational areas, which is a clear advantage over the cluttered center.

Safety of our future residents is ensured by a security station, a surveillance system and fencing. Apartamenty Ostródzka is the perfect place for anyone, who values peace and quiet, but at the same time wants to remain close to the city.


Live comfortably

Apartamenty Ostródzka II will consist of four three-story buildings. Future residents can choose from among 69 available flats. Functional layouts with between 1 and 4 rooms and a wide range of surface areas, from 26 up to 78 square meters, will let you arrange your flat just the way you like it. The underground garage floor will provide 76 parking spaces. Another advantage will be the chance to purchase a bicycle stall.


Suburban charm

Białołęka is a district of Warsaw that is particularly popular among families with small children, as well as those who like to live away from the big city noise. The investment is located at the quiet Ostródzka street, which is mostly surrounded by walking areas and single family houses. Necessary infrastructure, such as schools, preschools or clinics is available nearby, while the closest vicinity also offers grocery stores and commercial premises located within the estate area. Some of the most popular shopping malls, as well as construction and furniture markets, can be found nearby.


A well-connected estate

The vicinity of the S8 motorway, which is a part of the Warsaw Ring Road, as well as the express route connecting Wrocław with Białystok, is another strong suit. This location allows for comfortable business trips or holiday excursions, but also lets you quickly arrive to other parts of the city. Nearby bus stops secure convenient transportation to the center.


Suburban enclave

Vast green areas are also not far away from the investment: Bródnowski forest, Puszcza Słupecka Nature Reserve and Łęgi Czarnej Strugi Nature Reserve. A peaceful neighborhood supports winding down and relaxation opportunities that big city inhabitants so often lack. Future residents can go for a long walk, a bicycle trip or they can go rest by the water at the Zegrze Reservoir.

Warszawa, ul. Ostródzka

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